Secure payment

Secure online payments with the French bank ‘Crédit Agricole’.

Payment is proposed on our site by e-transactions with secured SSL payment. This protocol of payment is standard and recognized worldwide in protecting data on the internet. It can be used with virtually any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Opéra, Safari, Internet Explorer, Konquéror, etc.)

The data on your bank/credit card (number, expiry date, CVV/CVC code etc.) are encrypted before being sent by your computer to the secure payment serveur E-transactions, this data does not go through our site.

Reminder: You have a money back guarantee on all our online stores.

Payment by bank/credit card.

The payment process is explained in four steps, written below:

1) After you have chosen your product, click on one of the payment methods proposed. You will be automatically connected to the payment server E- transactions (Crédit Agricole)which will ask you for your card details which in turn asks for authorisation from your bank.

The data required is:

  • The number of your card.
  • Its expiry date.
  • The CVV/CVC code (the last 3 numbers found on the back of your card).
  • The 3D secure code(s)given to you by your bank.

2) As soon as your authorisation has been accepted, E-transactions simultaneously informs our site server which produces a receipt on your computer screen.

3) The server E-transactions sends the transaction to the bank (debits your bank and credits the bank account of Profilm Technologies SAS)

4) The data transferred between E-transactions, yourself and your computer (steps 2 and3) are encrypted. Only the bank server E-transactions knows your card number. At no time  does your confidential data pass through our website.