Champagne Bernard ROBERT, a family history … (next)

The 3 brothers developed the Champagne estate and in 1976 started to construct some cellars which which were finally finished in 1982. They wanted to reproduce authentic traditional vaulted cellars. So, they searched for dressed stone from demolition sites (old mills, farms …) in the Aube region and neighbouring regions too. The stones were then reshaped and readjusted. It was a titanic job which took 6 years during which the brothers devoted all their time and energy constructing 1 span per year, with a total of 6 spans at the end of the job.

Champagne activity started to develop and in 1990 they carried out an extension of the cellars, more modern and practical, as well as catering for the technological development of wine making equipment.

They continued with the construction of a new pressing centre and obtained a new fermenting room in 2001.

Work in process for 2016/17:

  • extension and optimisation of fermenting room.
  • the creation of a new work room (disgorgement and labelling)