How to preserve, serve and taste … here is some advice:


The Champagne that we offer is already aged in our cellars and is ready to be drunk. Even so, you can keep it for 2 or 3 years without affecting its quality. The Champagne can be preserved in a cool, well ventilated cellar with an ambient temperature of around 12°C. It must be stocked horizontally in the dark, as postion and daylight can damage the Champagne. The bottles must be handled with care, avoid too much movement. In order to keep the Champagne’s special aromas and bubbles we suggest consuming them within 1 or 2 years following the date of your purchase. We assure the optimal ageing of our vintages in our cellars.

Serving temperature.

Champagne should be drunk fresh but never icy. It should be cooled for at least 3 hours before serving. A temperature of 8°C is recommended for the Réserve and the Blanc de Blancs. Le Treizot Grand Réserve and the Rosé is ideally served between 10 and 12°C. If you do not have time, you could place the Champagne in a champagne bucket with water and ice, it should reach the ideal temperature within 15 to 20 minutes. Avoid putting the Champagne in the freezer which can alter the Champagne’s aromas, the sudden change in temperature is much too aggressive.


The ideal mesure is in a tulip Champagne glass. A bell-shaped rim, wide and tall, this allows the bubbles to evolve at their own will, preserving and releasing the aromas.


Champagne is served pouring close to a vertical glass avoiding the creation of too many bubbles. The glass should be filled in thirds, upto the middle of the glass, the widest part of the glass, this allows the Champagne to be turned gently releasing the different aromas.


Take your time to observe the Champagne holding the glass by its stem. The shades of colour are different depending on the type of vintage: pale for a young Champagne, yellow for a Blanc de Noirs and green or grey for a Blanc de Blancs. The bubbles can be more or less numerous, fine and lively or dispersed and slow. We advise drinking the ‘brut’ as a starter/appetizer and the ‘demi-sec’ for dessert. For the vintages, we leave the choice up to your own personal taste: Réserve, Blanc de Blancs, Treizot Grande Réserve or Rosé, let yourselves savour and appreciate.

Always having a bottle of Bernard ROBERT around means being ready for those unexpected moments!

Enjoy the bubbles …